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Boot camps are a great way to motivate yourself if you tend to find it hard to stick to an exercise regime. Boot Camp will help you to achieve your goals, and the group environment encourages both support and friendly competition.



Personal Training is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting them on schedule. We recognise that every client is individual, and we know that every client requires a bespoke programme to achieve their goals.



The programs are designed by taking the specific movements of our clients sport and genetic make-up into consideration. We then build an individual programme aiming to improve performance by increasing speed and power.



We offer a comprehensive range of classes, catering for everyone of all physical capabilities, including Running, Boxing Circuits, Power Hour Circuits, Indoor Cycling and Yoga, so there’s no excuse to start burning those calories!


Meet Luke Bottomer


Luke is a level 3 advanced Certified Personal trainer focused on providing the highest quality individual and group fitness classes.

Luke started Lichfield Fitness Centre with the vision to give client’s specialised 1 to 1 personal training and cost effective group exercise classes. But Luke’s main aim was to incorporate a wide variety of classes for adults and children so families can get fit together.

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